7 Best Leagues in the World of Football

Football, unlike other sports, has a variety of names, like Soccer somewhere and Rugby somewhere. However, the amount of energy involved in Footfall is the same no matter what name it gets. Now that we are talking about football, how can we miss out on the best leagues? 

This article will cover the 7 best football leagues that ever existed. From La Liga to UEFA and Premiere League, we have covered all for you. If you are a football fanatic, this article is so for you. You might even learn about some Leagues you have yet to hear of.

This article’s creation is successful after intensive research and analytical statistics. Hence the leagues we have mentioned deserve to be in the top 7 of the best football leagues worldwide. 

7 Best Leagues in the World of Football

Let's get you through the different leagues and also know how to stream soccer leagues free of cost:

1. Major League Soccer (MLS)

Major League Soccer began on 17 December 1993, with the first season in 1996. The United States Soccer Federation approves this league and represents the highest level of sports in the US. The headquarter of this league is located in Midtown Manhattan.

Major League Soccer - Wikipedia

This League consists of 29 teams, of which 26 are in the United States and the rest 3 in Canada.  The MLS originates from the well-known North American Soccer League (NASL). The session of this league begins at the end of February or starting of March and goes on till mid-October. 

Each team plays 34 matches in this league, and the finals are set accordingly. 

2. English Football League (EFL)

The English Football League, also known as EFL, is named as Championship in England. This is so because of its sponsorship purposes.  The EFL is divided into two divisions. The EFL came into formation in the year 1888. One Sky Bet Championship is the highest in the EFL and second highest in the English football league system.

EFL Official Website - The EFL

The EFL currently has 24 clubs played in it. European football English Football League is the biggest League with numerous clubs and Awards under it. 12 founding members created the legacy of  EFL.

3. Premier League

Premier League was initially known as The English Premier League. England and Welsh are where this league is organized. This Premier began in 1992. Today 20 professional cubs participate in the league. The session of this league starts in August and needs in May.

Premier League - Wikipedia

The Premier League is one of the world’s most prestigious football leagues ever formed. It ranks at the very top of the list in the UEFA Coefficients leagues. EPL is well known for its physically intensive nature, fast pace matches, and hyper fanbase.

4. LaLiga

Did you hear about this football league before? If you didn't, you will now know about the Spanish legacy. However, if you already know it, you are a big-time football fanatic.

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La Liga’s original name in Spanish is “Primera Divison,” but for English speakers, it is La Liga. So the La Liga is a Spanish Football League. Currently, 20 professional clubs participate in the league, but previously, the number of clubs exceeded 62. This ranks 2nd position on the list of major football leagues.

5. UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is also sometimes known as UCL or UEFA UCL. This Champion League began in the year 1955. Its name was Coupe des Clubs Champions Europeans, usually called European Club. Usually, UEFA conducts this Champion League, and it's a yearly competition.

UEFA - Wikipedia

The UEFA is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious football leagues worldwide, ever existed. Especially n the European football domain. All the top-ranking clubs with substantial financial backup play in this tournament.

6. Serie A

This football league is rare too, but it's one the best Football leagues that rank on the list. Serie A is an Italian Football League. Currently, in Serie A, 35 clubs participate in the tournament. Our well-known awards, like Coppa Campioni and Scudetto, are the awards in this football league.

Serie A - Wikipedia

Serie A ranks well among the best football leagues because of its tactical and defensive capabilities. Its rank in the UEFA Leagues Coefficients is 3rd position. The IFHS said it was the world's most vital National League.  

7. Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is a Germanian Football League that occurs in Germany. Bundesliga ranks at the top of the German football league list. In this football league, 18 clubs participate, and their team management is on the basis of the elements of promotion and relegation. Each season of the Bundesliga starts in August and ends in May.

Bundesliga - Wikipedia

The matches in the Bundesliga usually happen on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays. The number of live viewers extends up to 45k. The fan base of the Bundesliga puts it in the third position of the UEFA League coefficient ranking.

Where to watch the Leagues live?

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1. Why do these football leagues stand out?

Ans: These football leagues stand out because of the high competition, massive fan followers, and excellent players.

2. Which football league has the highest global appeal?

Ans: The English Premier League has the highest global appeal with a vast fan base.

3. Are emerging leagues worth watching?

Ans: Some of them are worth watching, especially Major League Soccer (MLS).

4. Which football league is famous for its technicality and tactical analysis?

Ans: La Liga, the Spanish Football League, is famous for its technical and tactical strategies.

5. Which football league is the most physically intensive?

Ans: The English Premier League is the most physically intensive ever. EPL is famous for its high pace and physical style.

6. Can I watch a league match happening in a different country?

Ans: Yes, you can watch matches happening in different countries. It is because, these days, many leagues have an international broadcasting system. It is also essential for promotion.


In conclusion, the whole football industry is based on the popularity of the leagues and players. We created this article based on these factors itself. Football is a sport that attracts more audiences than any other sport. 

The football leagues are a great way to bring new faces into the football world. This article provides you with 9 primary and best football leagues worldwide. Our motive behind this article was to update you about the leagues. We succeeded in it, and this article has been useful.

Lastly, we have solved your problem of watching the league match live without wasting money. It will probably be of your use someday.