La Liga: Spain’s Top League

Soccer is one of the most popular games in Europe. And this popular game has many famous leagues around the world. One of the top leagues is the Spanish football league, La Liga.

La Liga is a league at the top of the pyramid of Spanish professional football. The league was founded ninety-four years ago, with ten teams competing for the title. Since then, the number of teams competing in the league has increased to twenty.

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The league season starts around August. The league ends in May, with each team playing 38 matches, one at home and one away. The champions of last season, 2021-22, are Real Madrid. They have the record for the most championships won by any team in La Liga, with thirty-five titles. 

La Liga also has two of the most popular football players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The competitive nature of the league and the presence of legendary players make La Liga one of the most exciting and popular professional football leagues in the world.

History of La Liga

La Liga is a Spanish professional football league. A Spanish businessman Jose Maria Acha put forth the idea of a national league in 1928. After many hours of discussion and debate about the rules and participating teams, the first season of the league championship was played in 1929-30. 

The league was originally named “Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional”. It loosely translates to National Professional Football League. 

Then after a year, in 1929, the governing body members thought that the name Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional was too long. They wanted something simple and attention-grabbing. 

This is when they decided to use the name La Liga. It translates to ‘The League’ in the English language.

Since its inception in 1929, the popularity of La Liga has only grown. Despite being the national football league of Spain, it has fans all around the world. La Liga also has some of the world's biggest professional football clubs, namely Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. La Liga also has some of the world's best players participating. 

Most Famous Football Clubs In La Liga

Twenty football clubs are competing in La Liga. A few of these clubs are considered the best in the world. These clubs have a very long and rich history and have a huge cultural impact on Spain. These clubs have also produced some of the most famous players in the world. Following are the best five clubs in La Liga:

  • Real Madrid
  • FC Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Sevilla 
  • Athletic Bilbao

La Liga winners list: Know all the champions

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Pichichi Award

The Pichichi Award is presented to the player with the most scored goals. Rafael Sanchez Guerra presented the idea for the award. The award is named after the legendary striker Rafael ‘Pichichi’ Moreno to honor him. 

Lionel Messi has won the award a record eight times. He also has the title of the most goals scored by anyone in their La Liga career. 

Where to Watch La Liga Matches?

It isn't easy to see every game played by any professional football team, as broadcast rights are sold to different broadcasters for different leagues and tournaments. But in today’s technology-driven world, watching games online is simple and easier. 

You can easily watch live games from anywhere in the world in HD quality and free of cost on Soccerlive. Click here to watch the latest matches of Spain's top professional football league, La Liga.  

La Liga 2022/2023 Standings
Regular Season
P W D L Goals Last 5 Pts
1  FC Barcelona 38 28 4 6 70 LWLLW 88
2  Real Madrid 38 24 6 8 75 DWWLW 78
3  Atlético Madrid 38 23 8 7 70 DWDWL 77
4  Real Sociedad 38 21 8 9 51 WLWWD 71
5  Villarreal 38 19 7 12 59 DLWWW 64
6  Real Betis 38 17 9 12 46 DWLDW 60
7  Osasuna 38 15 8 15 37 WLWLW 53
8  Athletic Club 38 14 9 15 47 DLLWL 51
9  Mallorca 38 14 8 16 37 WLWLW 50
10  Girona 38 13 10 15 58 LLDLD 49
11  Rayo Vallecano 38 13 10 15 45 LWLLL 49
12  Sevilla 38 13 10 15 47 LLDDW 49
13  Celta de Vigo 38 11 10 17 43 WLDLL 43
14  Cádiz 38 10 12 16 30 DWLWL 42
15  Valencia 38 11 9 18 42 DDLWW 42
16  Getafe 38 10 12 16 34 DWWDL 42
17  Almería 38 11 8 19 49 DDLWL 41
18  Real Valladolid 38 11 7 20 33 DDWLL 40
19  Espanyol 38 8 13 17 52 DDDWL 37
20  Elche 38 5 10 23 30 DWDDW 25

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