Serie A: Italy’s Top Football League

Soccer, more commonly known as football, is one of the most popular games in Europe. This popular game has many famous leagues around the world. One of the top leagues is the Italian football league, Serie A.

Serie A is a league at the top of the pyramid of Italian professional football. The league was founded one hundred and twenty-five years ago, in 1898. The structure of the competition was changed in the year 1929. 

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In the current structure, eighteen teams were competing for the title initially. Since then, the number of teams competing in the league has increased to twenty.

The league season generally starts around August. The league ends in May, with each team playing 38 matches, one at home and one away. The champions of last season, 2021-22, were AC Milan. The record for the most championships won by any team in Serie A is thirty-six, and the record holder is Juventus. 

History of Serie A

The Serie A is an Italian professional football league founded in 1898. Originally the format of the league was different than the present. The elimination format was changed to a round-robin structure in the year 1929. 

The Serie A league championship title is commonly known as ‘scudetto’. The reason for this is the coat of arms with the Italian tricolor awarded to the winning team in the years following 1923.

The most successful football club in the league is Juventus, with Thirty-six championships. It is followed by the clubs AC Miln and Inter Milan with nineteen championship titles.

The most recent change in the organization's structure was in 2009 when Serie A announced its split from Serie B. After this, both leagues had a separate organizing committee. 

Most Famous Football Clubs In Serie A

Twenty football clubs are competing in Serie A at present. A few of these clubs are considered one of the best in the world. These clubs have a very long and rich history and have a huge cultural impact on Italy. These clubs have also produced some of the world's most talented and famous players. Following are the best five clubs in Serie A:

  • Juventus
  • Inter Milan
  • AC Milan
  • Genoa
  • Torino

Italy's Serie A accepts €2.5bn DAZN bid to become top broadcaster |  Financial Times

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Broadcasting Rights For Serie A

Unlike other countries with national football leagues in Europe, the clubs competing in Serie A had the right to sell their broadcasting rights to any channel across Italy. But since the 2010-11 Serie A season, the clubs have started to negotiate broadcasting rights collectively rather than individually.

The current satellite broadcaster in Italy is Sky Italia. They are allowed to broadcast three matches per week. The rest of the matches are broadcasted by the sports streaming network DAZN.

The current satellite broadcasting partner for the UK is BT Sports, and the USA is CBS Sports. Also, the online streaming platform in the USA is Paramount+.  

Where to Watch Serie A Matches?

It isn't easy to see every game played by any professional football team, as broadcast rights are sold to different broadcasters for different leagues and tournaments. 

This is especially true in the case of the Serie A football league. With its broadcasting rights split between two platforms, it can become a little hectic sometimes. But in today’s technology-driven world, watching games online is simple and more accessible. 

Soccerlive lets you watch live games from anywhere in the world in HD quality and free of cost. Click here to watch the latest matches of Italy’s top professional football league, Serie A.  

Serie A 2022/2023 Standings
Regular Season
P W D L Goals Last 5 Pts
1  Napoli 38 28 6 4 77 WDWLW 90
2  Lazio 38 22 8 8 60 WWWDL 74
3  Inter 38 23 3 12 71 WWLWW 72
4  Milan 38 20 10 8 64 WWWLW 70
5  Atalanta 38 19 7 12 66 WLWLL 64
6  Roma 38 18 9 11 50 WLDDL 63
7  Juventus 38 22 6 10 56 WLLWW 62
8  Fiorentina 38 15 11 12 53 WWDWL 56
9  Bologna 38 14 12 12 53 WDWDD 54
10  Torino 38 14 11 13 42 LWDWD 53
11  Monza 38 14 10 14 48 LLWWD 52
12  Udinese 38 11 13 14 47 LLLLW 46
13  Sassuolo 38 12 9 17 47 LDLLD 45
14  Empoli 38 10 13 15 37 LDWDW 43
15  Salernitana 38 9 15 14 48 LWDWL 42
16  Lecce 38 8 12 18 33 LWDDL 36
17  Spezia 38 6 13 19 31 LLDWL 31
18  Hellas Verona 38 7 10 21 31 LDLLW 31
19  Cremonese 38 5 12 21 36 WLLLW 27
20  Sampdoria 38 3 10 25 24 LDLDL 19

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