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Manchester City FC: An Overview

Manchester City Football Club, more commonly known as Man City, is a professional English football club. The club is based in Manchester.  In 2022-23, they compete in the Premier League, EFL Cup, FA Cup, Comunity Shield,  and UEFA Europa league.

The club has a rich history of 143 years. They have had a turbulent journey, but they persistently improved themselves. This has made them the fifth most successful professional football club in England in terms of trophies won. In the 2020-21 season, Man City was ranked first in the Deloitte Football Money League. The club generated revenue of €644.9 million, the highest for the 2020-21 season. 

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The Manchester City football club has won eight league titles and league cups. They have also won six FA Cups and six FA community shields. Man City also won one UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup.


Manchester City FC was founded in 1880. Its name then was St. Mark’s (West Gorton). Then 136 years ago, the name was changed to Ardwick Association FC. Finally, in April 1894, the club was named Manchester City FC. 

The recently renamed club of Manchester City gained their first victory by winning the second division in 1899. Then in 1904, they won their first FA Cup by beating Bolton Wanderers by 1-0. 

The following seasons were not so good for the club as allegations of financial irregularities were made against them. This led to the suspension of seventeen players in 1906.

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During the 1934 FA Cup finals, Manchester City Football Club saw a record attendance of 84,569 fans. This record was not broken until 2016. Additionally, they also won the 1934 FA Cup. 

The future of Man City was looking bleak when they were demoted to the second division in 1963. But under the management of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison, the club rose again and won the league championship in 1967-68.


Man City played at only two home stadiums in the last 100 years. Maine Road was their home stadium from 1923 to 2003. The decision to change home grounds in 2003 was taken due to the limited capacity of the Maine Road stadium. Ironically, the record for the highest attendance of fans was registered in this stadium in 1934. 

The City of Manchester Stadium, also known as Etihad Stadium, is the current home ground of Manchester City FC. The stadium has a capacity of 53,400 people. This makes the Etihad Stadium the tenth-largest stadium in the UK in terms of capacity.

Man City Legends 

In its long history of 143 years, the club has witnessed many great players and exceptional managers. Their journey wasn't smooth sailing, and many players and managers rose to the challenge.

Some of these legends are Bret Trautmann, Yaha Toure, David Silva, Mike Summerbee, Frank Swift, Kevin De Bruyne, Francis Lee, Neil Young, Vincent Kompany, and Sergio Aguero.

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Where to Watch?

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